Juka Trashy – lo-fi with a dash of surf

After a year in the studio, Juka Trashy is ready to go live before the release of their upcoming album this winter! At the 2019-shows you can expect new songs and a blast of a live setup consisting of Julie “Juka” Hugsted, Benn Dickenson and Enrico “NREC” Tiberi.

The Berlin-based band has references to Ramones, Nancy Sinatra and Tarantino soundtracks. You will experience how the smooth electronic drums start the songs wrapped in crunchy vibrato guitar and Juka’s deep and intense voice. As a singer, Juka has been compared with Kim Deal, lead vocal in The Breeders, and Cat Power.
Juka herself is far from the beginner of the music – she originates from the Danish underground and punks scene, where she has previously been called Lady Petit and Julie K. British Benn Dickenson adds a structured frame to the sound universe, and with a solid and laid back bass sound, he rounds Jukas musical universe. Italian NREC is a multi-instrumentalist, builds his own modular synths and is the producer of the upcoming Juka Trashy album “Auto Fiction”. He is amongst others known from The Shell Collector, Tapewhore and HBRD.

Juka Trashy’s latest singles Stolen Moments and More Less No Yes are best defined as lo-fi with a dash of surf and punk. They have a delightful and crunchy guitar sound Juka Trashy’s raw and slightly sensual vocals that remind you of Kim Deal from The Breeders. Stolen Moments and More Less no Yes are the first two singles from the upcoming album “Auto Fiction” that is inspired by the sounds of Tarantino and Lynch films and focuses on creating a cinematic experience rather than clinging on to a specific genre.
You can listen to Juka Trashy on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp and more than 400 other streaming and download services.

Composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julie “Juka” Hugsted has performed on vocals, guitar, keyboard, synth, piano, melodica, sansula, percussion and bass with over 70 concerts (US, DE, FR, DK) and is featured on sixteen releases, thirteen of them her own. Juka has served as backing vocals and warm-up for Hank Robot (Kim Kix – Power Solo), support for members of the German cult band Lene Lovich (Jude Rawlings, Kirsten Morrisson) and bassist Greta Brinkmann (Debbie Harry). She has played live on both large and small venues in US, Germany,  Denmark and France. In addition to working as a composer and performing artist, Juka has also organized concerts, established international collaborations and created a PR agency for musicians.

Funding and residences


2018 Kodas’s cultural funds Production, album:  “Auto Fiction”, 1,500 EURO

2017 DJBFA Co-writing retreat, House of Songs, Austin, Texas

2017 DJBFA Artist residency, Paris, France

2017 DJBFA/MusicBusiness2020 Coach Bjørg Hedelykke

2016 DJBFA Artist residency, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 DJBFA produktionspulje Production, album:  “Avantgarde Pop Acoustic”, 3,333 EURO.

2016 DJBFA/MusicBusiness2020 Coach Bjørg Hedelykke

2016 DJBFA Artist residency, Berlin, Germany

2015 DJBFA/DPA Co-writing retreat, Songs By The Wall, Berlin





Aarhus Songwriter’s Workshop




2018 Juka Trashy Stolen Moments digital, music video (single)

2016 Juka Trashy More Less No Yes digital, music video (single)

2016 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? “Avantgarde Pop Acoustic” LP/CD/digital (album)

2016 Mack The Knife “Sex Sex Sex” CD/digital (EP)

2015 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Vampire Bitch digital, music video (single)

2015 Bauteil Tempelhof music video (single)

2015 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Trust in Yourself digital, music video (single)

2014 Walking Psychosis “Sleep Walking” CD (EP)

2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? “MC Demo: QQF Kasette” MC (EP)

2013 Leonard Davies “Calle Laga Vol 1” LP/CD (album, guest)

2012 QQF? “Demo: Dadaist Dreamers” CD (EP)

2012 Walking Psychosis “Best Of Shit” CD (EP)

2011 Walking Psychosis “Kiss, Fight Fuck” CD (EP)

2011 Walking Psychosis “Eat Shit” CD (EP)

2011 Julie K Prostitute digital, music video (single)

2006 L:Ron:Harald “Vi Fra Jylland” CD/digital (album, guest)

Concert organizer, booker, manager, music journalist


2017 Establishes Traumberg: PR, distribution and management for musicians

2012- Freelance music reviewer and journalist at Scandinavia’s largest music magazine GAFFA

2015 Music reviewer and journalist at Bibzoom, The Royal Danish Library

2007-2014 Co-founder and manager of the volunteer concert promoter group The Fujiwara Effect,  Aarhus, DK. Later also booking and management.




Date Artist Venue


31.05.2019 Juka Trashy Madame Claude, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

27-10-2017 Juka Surprise Club, Mitte, Berlin, DE

14-09-2017 Juka Continental Club, Austin Texas

02-09-2017 Juka Lohmühle, Berlin, DE

07-07-2017 Jail Bang Revolver Gang Ingenmandsland Festival, DK

06-07-2017 Jail Bang Revolver Gang Regisses Spire Festival, DK

23-06-2017 Juka DODO, Kreuzberg, Berlin

31-12-2016 Juka Vinylrock Café, Aarhus, DK

18-11-2016 Juka Ofen Bar, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

07-04-2016 Mack The Knife Radar, Aarhus, (Mono i Stereo), DK

06-04-2016 Juka Fairbar, Aarhus, DK

17-03-2016 Mack The Knife Madame Claude, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

05-02-2016 Juka Scene 7, Herning, DK

22-01-2016 Juka Vinylrock Cafe, Aarhus, DK

10-01-2016 Juka Madame Claude, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

08-01-2016 Juka DODO, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

13-12-2015 Juka Ambassaden, Aarhus, DK

13-12-2015 Mack The Knife Ambassaden, Aarhus, DK

21-11-2015 Juka Gyngen, Aarhus, DK

14-11-2015 Mack The Knife Mono, Åbyhøj (Monorama Rocks), DK

19-08-2015 Juka Gyngen, Aarhus, DK

26-06-2015 Juka DODO, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

02-04-2014 Julie K Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning, DK

01-08-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Backstage, Aarhus, DK

01-06-2013 Walking Psychosis Det Gule Pakhus, Horsens, DK

31-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning, DK

12-05-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Haus1, Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE

11-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Bunte Kuh, Weissensee, Berlin, DE

10-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Jugend Funk Haus, Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, DE

01-05-2013 Walking Psychosis HeadQuarters, Aarhus, DK

01-05-2013 Performed with Fallen Men HeadQuarters, Aarhus, DK

16-04-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? HeadQuarters, Aarhus, DK

08-03-2013 Performed with Hank Robo Kulisselageret, Horsens, DK

02-02-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Under Masken, Aarhus, DK

11-01-2013 Walking Psychosis Gyngen, Aarhus, DK

17-10-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Radar, Aarhus, DK

10-08-2012 Performed with Hank Robot B-Huset, Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK

28-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Private gig Rosenheim, Bavaria, DE

21-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Le Fanfaron, Paris, FR

13-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Le Fanfafon, Paris, FR

24-05-2012 Performed with Ras Bolding   Backstage, Aarhus, DK

05-05-2012 Scarlet Bruises Golem Night, Musikbiblioteket, Odense, DK

13-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Fairbar, Aarhus, DK

09-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning, DK

06-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? HeadQuarters, Aarhus, DK

08-02-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Gyngen, Aarhus, DK

19-11-2011 Walking Psychosis Monorama, Åbyhøj, DK

28-10-2011 Performed with Pacik Davies Atlas, Aarhus, DK

12-08-2011 Performed with Pacik Davies Raum Eins, Aarhus, DK

28-08-2011 Walking Psychosis Trøjborg Beboerhus, Aarhus, DK

28-05-2011 Walking Psychosis Trøjborg Beboerhus, Aarhus, DK

09-04-2011 Walking Psychosis Voxhall, Aarhus, DK

09-03-2011 Walking Psychosis Studenterhus Aarhus, DK

22-11-2010 Walking Psychosis Monorama, Åbyhøj, DK

22-07-2010 Walking Psychosis Nakkefestival, Rørvig, Sjælland, DK


2008: Idiot! Distorted Picnic, Vennelystparken, Aarhus, DK


2006: Den Vrede Brigade Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, København, DK

Unity Gain Bøssehuset, Christiania, DK


2005: + 30 concerts with Rhythmical Centre, Cph, DK