Juka Trashy: New single + music video: Stolen Moments out August 17th, 2018

Stolen Moments is best defined as lo-fi with a dash of surf. It has a delightful guitar sound, an exciting shift in intensity after three minutes and not least raw and slightly sensual vocals that remind you of Kim Deal from The Breeders. Stolen Moments is the first single from the upcoming album “Auto Fiction” that is inspired by the sounds of Tarantino and Lynch films and focuses on creating a cinematic experience rather than clinging on to a specific genre.

If you’re into cool women, a dirty Nancy Sinatra, Ronettes played by a Ramones fan or just surf, a dash of distortion, defining bass and a lo-fi retro production it is strongly recommended that you check out Juka Trashy.

“Auto Fiction” is a great example of what happens in the melting pot of Berlin: International collaborations that are established when you dare to think out of the box and break the boundaries of genre, text, instrumentation and working processes.

The team consists of

DK: Julie “Juka” Hugsted (vocals, guitar, composer, author. Qu’est-Ce Que Fück?, Hank Robots Headless Chickens, Mack The Knife, Walking psychosis), Perry Stenbäck (lap steel and baritone guitar. Sebastian, Allan Olsen, Erann DD). UK: Benn Dickenson (bass), Hugh Brace (drums), Pete Maher (mastering. U2, Katy Perry, Pixies, Patti Smith, Lana Del Ray). NO: Roger Langvik (12 string). IT: NREC (producer). ES: Eneko Sanz (video production). D/F/US: Recording team QMusikkorruption.

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PR: traumberg@traumberg.org