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As solo artist, Juka has been compared to Kim Deal, lead vocal in The Breeders, and Cat Power. Juka has supported Flemming Borby (The Poets, Greene, Labrador) featuring Greta Brinkman (Moby, Debbie Harry, L7), Jude Rawlings, Kirsten Morrisson (Lene Lovich).

Juka’s latest single More Less No Yes opens with hard drums wrapped in crisp vibrato guitar and Juka’s intense voice. The temperamental and danceable strummings supplemented with slacky surf loops and a fair amount of tremolo creates a feeling of stepping into a Tarantino movie.


2016 Juka More Less No Yes (single) streaming, download
2016 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Avantgarde Pop Acoustic LP, CD, streaming, download
2016 Mack The Knife Sex Sex Sex EP CD, download
2014 Walking Psychosis Sleep Walking CD
2013 Lady Petit Stolen Moments streaming, download
2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? MC Demo: QQF Kasette MC
2013 Guest: Leonard Davies Calle Laga Vol 1 LP, CD
2012 QQF? Dadaist Dreamers CD
2012 Walking Psychosis Best Of Shit CD
2011 Walking Psychosis Kiss, Fight Fuck CD
2011 Walking Psychosis Eat Shit CD
2006 Guest: L:Ron:Harald Vi Fra Jylland CD

Grants and residencies

2017 Co-writing retreat House of Songs, Texas, US
2017 MusicBusiness coach Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 Artist residency Paris, France
2016 Arbejdslegat (grant to compose), DJBFA
2016 Udgivelsespuljen (grant to release your music), DJBFA
2016 MusicBusiness coach Copenhagen, Denmark, DJBFA
2016 Artist residency Berlin, Germany
2016 Artist residency Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Co-writing retreat Songs By The Wall, Berlin, Germany


08.07-2017 Jail Bang Revolver Gang Regisses Spire, Frørup (festival), Denmark
08.07-2017 Jail Bang Revolver Gang Ingenmandsland (festival), Denmark
23-06-2017 Juka Dodo, Berlin, Germany
21-12-2016 Juka Vinylrock Cafe, Aarhus (headliner), Denmark
11-11-2016 Juka Artliners, Berlin, Germany
18-11-2016 Juka Ofen Bar, Berlin, Germany
07-04-2016 Mack The Knife Radar (Mono i Stereo), Aarhus, Denmark
06-04-2016 Juka Fairbar, Aarhus, Denmark
17-03-2016 Mack The Knife Madame Claude (headliner), Berlin, Germany
05-02-2016 Juka Scene 7, Herning, Dernmark
22-01-2016 Juka Vinylrock Cafe, Aarhus (headliner), Denmark
10-01-2016 Juka Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany
08-01-2016 Juka DODO, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Denmark
13-12-2015 Juka Ambassaden, Aarhus, Denmark
13-12-2015 Mack The Knife Ambassaden, Aarhus, Denmark
21-11-2015 Juka Gyngen, supp. for Flemming Borby (Labrador, Greene) feat. Greta Brinkman (Mody, Debbie Harry), Aarhus Denmark
14-11-2015 Mack The Knife Mono, Åbyhøj (Monorama Rocks), Denmark
19-08-2015 Juka Gyngen, Aarhus, Denmark
26-06-2015 Juka DODO, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
02-04-2014 Julie K Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning, Denmark
01-08-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Backstage, Aarhus, Denmark
01-06-2013 Walking Psychosis Det Gule Pakhus, Horsens, Denmark
31-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning, Denmark
12-05-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Haus1 (supp. for Jude Rawlins (Lene Lovich), Kirsten Morrisson (Lene Lovich), Brittsommar), Berlin, Germany
11-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Bunte Kuh, Weissensee, Berlin, Germany
10-05-2013 Walking Psychosis Jugend Funk Haus, Friedrichsfelde, Berlin, Germany
01-05-2013 Walking Psychosis HeadQuarters, Aarhus, Denmark
01-05-2013 Performed with Fallen Men feat Narcosatanicos HeadQuarters, Aarhus, Denmark
16-04-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? HeadQuarters, Aarhus, Denmark
08-03-2013 Performed with Hank Robot as Hank Robot’s Headless Chickens Kulisselageret (supp. for Bob Log III), Horsens Denmark
02-02-2013 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Under Masken, Aarhus (headliner), Denmark
11-01-2013 Walking Psychosis Gyngen, Aarhus
17-10-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Radar (supp. for Hank Robot), Aarhus Denmark
10-08-2012 Performed with Hank Robot as Hank Robot’s Headless Chickens B-Huset, Godsbanen, Aarhus (supp. for Listener), Denmark
28-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Private gig: Wedding, Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
21-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Le Fanfaron (supp. for Hank Robot (Kim Kix), Paris, France
13-07-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Le Fanfafon, Paris, France
24-05-2012 Performed with Ras Bolding Backstage, Aarhus, Denmark
05-05-2012 Scarlet Bruises Golem Night, Musikbiblioteket, Odense, Denmark
13-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Fairbar, Aarhus (headliner), Denmark
09-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Kontrast Ungdomshus, Herning (headliner)
06-03-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? HeadQuarters (supp. for Helmet Compass), Aarhus, Denmark
08-02-2012 Qu’est-ce Que Fück? Gyngen, Aarhus, Denmark
19-11-2011 Walking Psychosis Monorama, Åbyhøj, Denmark
28-10-2011 Performed with Pacik Davies Atlas, Aarhus, Denmark
12-08-2011 Performed with Pacik Davies (Fallen Men etc.) Raum Eins, Aarhus, Denmark
28-08-2011 Walking Psychosis Trøjborg Beboerhus, Aarhus, Denmark
28-05-2011 Walking Psychosis Trøjborg Beboerhus, Aarhus, Denmark
09-04-2011 Walking Psychosis Voxhall, Aarhus, Denmark
09-03-2011 Walking Psychosis Studenterhus Aarhus, Denmark
22-11-2010 Walking Psychosis Monorama, Åbyhøj, Denmark
22-07-2010 Walking Psychosis Nakkefestival, Rørvig, Sjælland, Denmark

Idiot! Distorted Picnic, Vennelystparken, Aarhus, Denmark

Den Vrede Brigade Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69, København
Unity Gain Bøssehuset, Christiania, Denmark

2005: The intensive music course, Den Rytmiske Daghøjskole: Guitar, jamming, creating a band. 30 shows in Horsens State Prison, folk high schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions.

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